Thursday, May 27, 2010

side effects

creative urges driving you crazy?
itching to put pen to paper?
infected with words and need to purge?

for so many of us, the only cure for these maladies is to write.

writing sooths our souls, scratches that itch and empties our brains before we go mad with ideas.
i popped the writing pill, and now i'm addicted. hopelessly.

it's too late for me, but i'm here to tell the rest of you: writing should come with a warning label, because there are side effects... serious side effects.

Writing has been known to cause ailments, including, but not limited to:
Shooting pains in the wrist
Back aches
(please consult your doctor about ergonomically designed chairs)
Mood swings
Obsessive-Compulsive behavior
Severe side effects may include:
Hearing voices
Loss of time/Daydreams bordering on blackouts
Psychotic rambling
If you experience one or more of these severe adverse effects, please consult your manuscript and increase your writing dosage until all the voices in your head bleed out onto the page.
....or maybe that's just me. ;)
speaking of side effects, i have discovered one awesome side effect of interviewing the most impressive YA blogger around -- HOLY BLOG TRAFFIC, BATMAN!
my hits for yesterday's interview with the fabulous T.H. Mafi have been off the charts.
and better yet - i found some new friends!
Welcome, new followers:
Meredith, Angela, Helena, Matthew, MBW and "Writing Again" !!!!!
welcome as well to:
Vic, EJ, Jamie, Kara and Julie - also recent additions! :)

i believe i mentioned something recently about doing a vlog post if my followers hit 25. guess i'll have to make good on that promise sometime in the next week.
how about this -- when i hit "send" on the email to Agent Almost with my new manuscript, that will be the day i vlog.

i would say, "don't hold your breath," but go ahead and hold it - because i promised him i'd have it in his inbox early next week.

YIKES! guess i should get to work!


Tahereh said...

hehe awesome! this was a great post, and so true! :D

best of luck with your edits for agent awesome!!

fingers crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

Found you thru tahereh's blog and thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I'll definitely be back. Great info and a great read. Thanks!