Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dead Ends

sorry to be so mysterious, but i had to do a little magic to make this post disappear. ;)
keep an eye out for a new cover for Dead Ends coming soon!

Monday, January 14, 2013

party like it's 2013

if one simply must have the flu, i say it's best to have it at precisely the right time.

for me, the right time was the middle of last week, so that i could be 100% contagion-free before shaking hands with dozens of fabulous people. and when i say fabulous people, of course you know i'm talking about teachers and librarians!

this past Saturday, a group of Arizona children's authors hosted a Thank You event for local teachers and librarians, and it was an honor to meet so many dedicated educators and book lovers. i was also thrilled to be hanging out with these folks:

Host Authors! (I always end up front and center in group photos. Something to do with being 5'1")

i think the event properly kicked off 2013 for me, so consider the blog hiatus over!
one of my goals for this year is to do more events, and this was a great way to start. here's what else is ahead in the new year:

you'll find me at YAllapalooza later this month. (click the cool banner below, created by Changing Hands, for more information on this writing conference and general kid lit extravaganza!)

and coming up in March, i hope to see you at the Tucson Festival of Books. (link! click it!)
in the meantime, watch the blog. i'll have a little something to show you very soon!