Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the rules of writing/life

i've learned so much about writing since i decided to pursue it seriously. the knowledge i've gained could fill an encyclopedia. and lately i've been thinking - so many of the "rules" of writing are really universal truths that can be applied to life in general.

so here are a few, off the top of my head.
The Rules of Writing ...Life

1) Your backstory is probably a lot less interesting than what's happening right now.

2) When you hit a rough patch, don't give up. Push through it, and keep moving forward with your story.

3) Don't just tell (people how you feel); Show them.

4) As much as your story sounds like a dozen others out there, it's probably completely unique.

5) When you get to "the end," you're just getting started.

Give me some more! What writing rules can you apply to your own life?


Lydia Kang said...

You still have to live your life in order to write! So remember to enjoy those moments with your family, and vacations, and peel away from the computer to suck in more experience to keep you happy, sane, and to infuse your imagination with real life.
I need this reminder a lot!

McD said...

If things are getting dull surprise yourself with your next move to spice things up.

Without some conflict things may be peaceful... and probably a bit stagnant.

If you feel you are going nowhere set some new goals.

E.J. Wesley said...

When in doubt, fall in love with a vampire! Oh, wait ... that might not be as cool in real life. :)

Nice list, Erin. I saw your link on the AW blogroll, and am now following.

erinjade said...

welcome ej! we have the same initials. :)
and welcome all new faces! it made my day to open up the blog and see four new followers. now i'm off to check out all of your sites!

LM Preston said...

Can I add that at each milestone, 'Happy Dance' before starting the next?

erinjade said...

AHAHAHAHA! LM Preston, i looooove that!