Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the Best Lines really "Shine"

sharing the best lines from books i've read has become my favorite thing to do here on the blog.

today, i have some "bests" from the fabulous SHINE by Lauren Myracle.

I listened to her yap some more about how upset she was. She just liked tragedy, that's what I thought.

...by turning a blind eye in high school, I'd said, Go on and hurt him. I don't care. And by doing that, I'd opened the door to more hurt, because when a person did something wrong and got away with it, he tended to do it again.

He said it to shame me, and it did. It slammed me down on the rough grit of my shortcomings and held me there.

"...Sheriff Doyle isn't going to do squat."
"Hey. He's doing what he can."
I rolled my eyes. Sheriff Doyle wouldn't know it if his butt was on fire.

I felt bad for him, because it wasn't his fault. His mama drank too much when he was in the womb. These things happened.

i love each of these lines, but what Myracle really does best in SHINE is evoke a sense of place. and one line can't quite show you how she does it, so i highly recommend picking this one up to see for yourself!