Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cover art

this is a little array of book covers i love. i see bloggers post their faves all the time, and i wanted to share mine too. you can see i like simple covers and the occassional captivating facial close-up.
i especially like the covers that manage to be super simple and still tell a story or evoke an emotion. there is humor in the "flipped" cover, suspense in the "time" cover and a sense of the bizarre in the "the little girl and the cigarette" cover.
what kind of cover draws you in?
by the way, i managed to get through my beta chapter revisions today, so half of today's goals accomplished, for those of you keeping track. ;)


McD said...

Grats on your progress!
My own taste in cover art ranges from liking the very busy collage type of covers(for non fiction)to a good tease picture that enhances an intriguing title for fiction novels. I know thatis very common but hey, that is the type of consumer I am.

Tahereh said...

haha this is awesome! i love super simple covers, too. sometimes simplicity speaks volumes.



bclement412 said...

Beautiful! Love the simplicity of some of the covers.

erinjade said...

T- i know! less is more, eh?
by the way, i am one of your besties and love love love your blog.

McD- i know just the kind of cover you're talking about - better than a blurb on the back for enticing the reader... a picture that pulls you in. good call.