Monday, May 31, 2010

the fog has lifted

ever wake up from a two-month writing spree and find the rest of your world suddenly in focus?

and i don't mean you look around with serene clarity and a satisfied sigh of a job well done.

i mean you literally look up and see all the things that have blurred into the background for weeks. that pile of laundry and the stack of dishes in the sink are crystal clear. all those fuzzy shapes on your "to do" list now look like words demanding your immediate attention. you can finally see your cozy writing work space for what it really is - a big mess in the dining room that will have to be cleaned up tomorrow.

this is the kind of focus that hit me today.

i sent the new manuscript to Agent Almost last night, and when I woke up today, a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
but the fog lifted too, and i realized i have a couple days of "catch up" ahead of me to get back on top of my chores and errands and other real-life responsibilities.

all this is to say.... i won't have a video blog posted for a little while yet. (not that you're all tuning in every day dying to see it, but i like to keep my promises.)
so hang with me, and i swear - a vlog will come. it's just delayed.

in the meantime, my beta and i are cooking up something fun and hopefully educational for you blog readers. stay tuned... ;)

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