Thursday, April 15, 2010

strange things at stoplights 3

actually, today's edition of strange things at stoplights is more like... inspirational things at stoplights.

i snapped this one yesterday morning while stuck in rush hour traffic in the parking lot - i mean, on the freeway - headed home from handsome's house.

you see so many silly things on license plates these days, but using your car's rear real estate to send a positive message like this is rare.
it got me thinking about the things in life i bitch about and the things i'm grateful for. there are too many to list, so let's stick with those applicable to writing.

have you ever said any of these things?
-i don't have time to write.
-i'm still not published.
-this process takes forever.
-i don't waaannnnnaaaa revise!!

yes? me too. every single one of them. but honestly, i have a lot more to be thankful for than i have to complain about.
- a wonderful community/support group of writers at AW
- supportive parents who love to read
- a job that rarely, if ever, requires me to bring work home.. so that my home time is free time and thus, potentially writing time
- agents who are gracious enough to write lengthy, descriptive letters with suggestions on how to improve my work
- a boyfriend who understands if i need time to myself to write

and the list just goes on.

what are you grateful for?

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McD said...

-A day job that allows me to write casually instead of desperately.

-Word proscessing programs. I am old enough to remember typwriters; when re-write meant every single word.

-A vastly more talented daughter that still takes time to read and edit my stuff knowing it is never destined for publication.