Saturday, April 3, 2010

strange things at stoplights 2

see? i told you it would be a regular feature. and this one isn't nearly as freaky as last month's.

here is today's strange STOPLIGHT snapshot:

i got the camera out as soon as i saw the big stuffed ball on the back, but it wasn't until the suv started to turn that i spotted the bunny ears.

who thinks this stuff up??

in writing related news, i'm finding my usual routine (sneak some writing in whenever/wherever i can) doesn't work well for revising. i need to sit and stay focused for a long stretch of time. so i'm taking a couple days off work next week to really immerse myself in my rewrites. wish me luck for two productive days!!


bclement412 said...

hahah i love this post <3. and good luck with your writing!

Lydia Kang said...

i'm the same way with my writing. Need oodles of time to immerse. Hilarious pict, btw.

erinjade said...

welcome b. and lydia to the blog! :)