Thursday, April 1, 2010

on second thought...

...maybe i won't pass out compliments.

i just don't feel like it, and you all don't really deserve it.


of course i'm still giving compliments!!
in honor of hitting my first little blog milestone - ten followers - i am making good on my promise and fattening up your egos with some well-deserved flattery.

Emmychka - Emily runs three blogs AND tweets AND works as a missionary in the Ukraine. AND she manages to stay on top of all that while working closely with children, who i imagine demand quite a lot of time and attention. now THAT is dedication, people! i'm so impressed by Emily's many blogs and reading some of her posts challenged preconceived ideas i had before i dove in. Emily wants to be a YA author someday. this is something that requires a lot of writing, determination, dedication and faith... and Emily - those are skills you have in spades!

Stone - it's my long lost buddy Dan! anyone who knows how much i love halloween will know how huge this compliment is that i am about to pay. i do believe Dan Stone had the best halloween costume i've ever seen. a full 3 halloweens ago, Dan did not just dress up like L. Ron Hubbard... he nailed it - scientology brochures and all - and didn't break character once.
See how talented Dan is here, at his website.

Kate - i know Kate's not in it for the link love, but i'm going to link her up anyway. click here to see how broad her talents are. you will be humbled. sure, you can write. but can you also quilt and sew and speak spanish and grow a garden all while raising two kids and working? Kate Hart can. it's okay to be jealous. oh, AND she contributes to YA highway, quickly becoming THE must-read website of the YA blogosphere. but you know what's cooler than all of that? Kate still finds time to follow a billion other YA bloggers. i know this, because i see her face smiling up from the followers section of just about every blog i click on. Kate, you rock!

....ummm, i have to pause now and apologize. if i keep the compliments this long, this blog post will be long enough to stretch around the world twice, so i'm going to have to be more concise. JUST AS FLATTERING... but more concise.

now back to business.

Annie - Annie has, in my opinion, the best writing blog title around. Reading, Writing, and Waiting. wish i'd thought of it! also, follow the link to see why Annie McElfresh is one rockin' query writer! so good that in a world full of agents plastering the internet with examples of what NOT to do in a query, Annie's query got posted as an example of how to get it right!

Lauren - it's hard to pick one nice thing to say about someone you've known for 15 years, so allow me to say three. Lauren Carter is a triple threat - singer, dancer, actress - and tremendous at all three. she's a dreamer who does more than imagine, she goes out and gets - chasing down dreams in a way most people never have the balls to do. and finally, can you say STUNNING? (that's her modeling for the cover of siri mitchell's next book. cool, huh?!)

Gem - a fearless self-editor, brave enough to strip away character traits and remold her MC for the good of the story. tremendously kind for reaching out to a fellow writer walking the same path to publishing and sharing experiences so that i may learn and offering to help me along my own path. (and hopefully forgiving of that poorly formed sentence.) finally, check out this blog by Gem for a beautiful example of how to be a writer, even outside the pages of your manuscript. we can all learn from her.

damn, i can't seem to make these shorter. i'm really going to try for brevity now... for reals this time.

Suzanne - check out Suzanne's blog for two of the cutest bunnies you've ever seen and some truly inspiring photos. Suzanne's mad photo skills demonstrate the kind of creative eye some writers only dream of posessing.

Daphne - you should all be so lucky to have a friend like this. the kind who doesn't need a call to just show up on your doorstep late at night to hold your hand, after hearing some evil bastards broke into your house and stole family heirlooms and violated your privacy and threatened your safety. and you should all be so lucky to hear this angel sing. Daphne Adato can WAIL!

Michael L - the very definition of a family man, putting wife and child first and still somehow billed as "best friend" to no fewer than half a dozen people. one of the smartest, most creative and talented people i've ever known. you've heard 'jack of all trades but master of none?' well, meet the master of many. few people are lucky enough to be SO good at SO much.

and last but not least...

Matt - i could gush for quite a long time about this one, but in the interest of ending this blog post already, i'll sum up:
funny, smart, supportive, generous and look!

sooooo handsome!

but hands off, ladies! get your own charming, clever, talented and handsome! this one's mine. :)

i don't even want to tell you how long this post took me to write, but let's just say handsome will NOT be pleased when he shows up in 20 minutes and sees i've done NOTHING to get ready tonight.
better run! see ya!
(please forgive typos, poor spelling and worse grammar in this post. i don't have time to copy edit.)


Kate Hart said...

So I have been in a horrible mood all night, and this post pretty much fixed me. <3 You are fab.

SheckerGirl said...

Aw. love your face!

Emmychka said...

Wow what a nice thing to wake up too! :) I forgot it was April Fool's Day. They don't celebrate it here. What a cool crowd to be lumped into! Still waiting for more writing adventures though.

Oh and if I were to start a "writing" blog to showcase my work, would you suggest wordpress or blogger?

Gem said...

You are made of awesome :)
And next time could we have a bigger picture of Matt?

erinjade said...

glad you all enjoyed! :)

gem, i was thinking of just making matt my wallpaper. haha!

emmychka, i am partial to blogger, because i'm a big fan of google and its user-friendly interface, but i've seen some really beautiful pages over on wordpress.

Annie McElfresh said...

I just saw this! THANK you so much for the AWESOME shout out! :D