Friday, March 19, 2010

strange things at stoplights

i didn't think i'd have time to post another blog this week, but since i am stuck at my house right now waiting on a plumber, i thought i'd blog to keep my mind off just how far behind i'm going to be when i finally get to work today!

however, i don't have anything witty or informative to say about writing at the moment.

so we're going to veer off course for this post to bring you something new that may or may not become a regular feature on the blog.



since i live in a huge city and commute to both work and my boyfriend's house, i spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. often - freakishly often, in fact - i see some very strange things while stuck waiting at stoplights.

i always try to snap photos of the odd things i see, but the pictures just end up getting deleted because i don't really have a place to share them. that is... until now. :)

which brings us to this:

yes, that is a stuffed horse, strangled and hanging from the back of a landscaper's truck.
i snapped that shot just yesterday at the end of my own street. it kind of made me glad i do my own yardwork.

have a great weekend!

disclaimer: it is unsafe to text, surf the web or take pictures while driving. ej does not endorse dangerous activity behind the wheel. please do as she says and not as she does... and all that good junk.
and for the record - i only take a picture if my car is completely stopped and never while in motion.
(seriously, dad, i don't take pictures while driving. i promise.)


Tahereh said...

OMG. wow. weird. what the. *splutter*

the poor horsie.


erinjade said...

chin up. future strange things at stoplights will be less disturbing and more hilarious....
maybe... probably not.
there are a lot of wierdos in my town. :(