Monday, March 8, 2010


Look Look! See those little shadowy heads over there on the right? ------------>
Those are my followers. I already have two followers, and I haven't even written my first blog post. Now THAT is popular, people!
Of course.. um.. maybe I should confess: my two followers are my dad and my boyfriend. Now, if I could just get Lucky to follow me, that would be all the main men in my life.

This is Lucky, by the way:

He is one of the many distractions that keep me from writing as often as I'd like. Which leads me to the title of this blog. I picked "Write Me," because I think that's what my stories would say if they could talk. I have a pile of unfinished manuscripts and a mountain of unwritten novels in my head.
Ever since I first started writing novels, I've been a serial story starter - and never a finisher. I would lose interest in a plot, get distracted by real life or let things like massive manuscript-eating computer malfunctions break my will to write.

It went on like that for more than a decade: start-abandon-start-abandon... until last year I finally finished my first manuscript. (but more on that later. have to save something for future posts!) It turns out finishing just one teaches you quite a bit about what you need to know to finish at all. So I wrote another book - and finished again! Are you seeing a pattern here?

The point is, with a couple of completed manuscripts under my belt and one of them being read by agents (more on that later too - much, much more!), I figured it was time to join the ranks of other aspiring authors and start a blog..

..and hopefully a blog following.

See how we've come full circle here? The purpose of this first post is truly just to beg. Please, oh please, won't you follow me??

Just kidding... sort of.

The purpose is actually to introduce myself

Hi, I'm EJ. I write stuff.

and to tell you what this blog will be all about

It's about me writing stuff.

Hmm. I guess I already accomplished that with the subtitle above. Wow. Blog Fail. I promise to get better at this. ;)

oh, P.S. I also picked the title "Write Me" because it rhymes with Bite Me, which makes me giggle, because I'm mature like that.

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