Thursday, March 7, 2013

love from london

Good morning!
or, to all you lovely folks over in London, Good afternoon!

BUTTER hopped the pond today to make his UK debut.

and what a welcome!!

i woke up to this review in The Telegraph. (link! click it!) and some amazing well-wishes.
i'm also excited to say BUTTER is a book of the month at the Victoria Station branch of WH Smith!

thanks to author Mo O'Hara for snapping this shot!

more British BUTTER fun to come with a blog tour later this month! (click on the banner below for details.)

but for now, i just want to say to my news friends overseas,
Thanks for making a girl (and her characters) feel welcome!


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Very cool, Erin. Well done. ;)

erinjade said...

Thank you Caroline! :)

Cherie Rosemin said...

I haven't been book shopping for a while, but I went out today and bought Butter.
I absolutely loved it. Like really really loved it. I loved it so much I read it one sitting, which I don't normally do.
Aside from the story, I also really like the cover - the UK edition, which is what I have, is quite beautiful in my opinion.
But OH MY GOSH the story. I can't really articulate how I feel about it, but I really love the diversity in YA fiction.
Can't wait for Dead Ends :D

erinjade said...

Cherie, thank you so much for the love for Butter!
I adore the UK cover too. I really think they nailed the design perfectly.
Here's to more diversity in YA! :D