Monday, March 11, 2013

festival of books

school visits, panels, and workshops - oh my!

i just got back from the Tucson Festival of Books and thought i'd share some of the highlights.

my weekend started with a visit to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, where i met some incredibly bright and inquisitive students.

do ignore my crazy facial expressions! ;)

then it was off to the festival, where i got to present a workshop with awesome author Tom Leveen!
here's me and Tom putting on our "serious author" faces at the signing afterward:

well, Tom looks serious anyway. i kind of look like i'm doing my "mean girls" face.

then Tom and i joined the AMAZING A.S. King for a panel, and i tried not to be fidgety sitting next to an author i admire so much.

...tried and failed, that is!
this is me fidgeting with the case for my glasses:

and fidgeting with my hands under the table:

but A.S. and Tom are way too much fun, and i didn't stay nervous for very long. i had an absolute blast talking to the group. can't wait to go back next year!


Jess said...

Sounds like fun! That last photo of you with your legs crossed/up on the chair is adorable :)

erinjade said...

Thanks Jess! I never did learn to sit like a lady. HA!

Chantelle Ip said...

Crossing my fingers that you can come to Australia some time in the future :)