Monday, August 2, 2010



Lydia Kang said...

Hey congrats on getting an agent! Hooray for you!

As for changes with every book I'm writing. Someday I may have a process that won't change because it'll WORK. Right now, every my process is a WIP.
Great vlog!

Michelle said...

"Did I just make that up? Yes. I write for a living."

That cracked me up.

(And don't be so down on yourself! What you have to say is most interesting! :) And now to sound creepy, but I think you have a lovely voice.)

My process! Is crap! I always have a general outline of what the book will be, how it will begin and end and what characters are in it, but I have to sit in a quiet dark place and visualize actual scenes.

Normally, I write from chapter one to the end, inventing things and sticking them in if they fit, all the while asking incessentally; WHAT HAPPENS NOW.

what happens now!

Nomes (inkcrush) said...

haha - you do the best vlogs ever, so yay for not chickening out.

1. congrats so majoylr on your agent!

2. also, yay for the tan

3. my process? my first MS i wrote in sequential order, 75k in 6 weeks and outlined a few chapters ahead as i went.

tried to do a rewrite later, took 3 months and i wrote myself into a corner and got sick of my charcters and my premise. have let it retire gracefully

my current WIP? i want the on-fire vibe to happen again, but i am too critical to just write whatever and i keep over thinking plot, motivations, tension, etc. it's killing me. i have written a few scenes and mucked around with characters that havent been intro-ed yet, its helping my get a good feel for where my WIP will go. I think. *shrugs*

4. hand talking is great. your mum should be proud.

Gem said...

I love it when you get all brave and vlog - you are too funny to not share this with the world!

Writing process:
1) plot for months and months in my head - imagining full scenes like in a movie.
2)Then a full outline, probably 3 or 4 pages long
3) 1 or 2 months writing every evening and weekend till first draft done.

Then it's revising and send to beta's. P had 6 drafts before it went to agents.

Of course this was when I had the time to write :)

erinjade said...

oh thanks everyone for the vlog props. that will make me less shy next time. :)

and thanks most of all for sharing your processes. it's so interesting how varied it is from writer to writer. and i'm glad i'm not alone in feeling like the process itself is a WIP!

Sajidah said...

Hi Erin!

Just saw this vlog...I too think you should vlog often! You are funny and concise.

My process: I write, just write, then re-read from the beginning each day (so by day 100 and something I'm almost taking as much time reading as writing) before I add on. When I'm re-reading, I also revise as I go. Then after "the end", I go and shift things around some more. Then beta. Then apply input.

Then, in second revision, do what I'm doing now (which I didn't know was part of my process until I found myself doing it): re-write the whole thing from the beginning.

aaggghhhh...but hopefully worth it.


erinjade said...

whoa! a re-writer! you blow my mind. i think my fingers would fall off if i tried. haha!