Thursday, August 5, 2010

everything you ever wanted to know about... agent!

my agent, Jennifer Laughran, is the star of this week's Agent Spotlight over on Casey McCormick's blog, "Literary Rambles."

(by the way, if you are in search of an agent, bookmark Casey's blog immediately. whenever i was researching an agent, i always had 5 web tabs open on my computer at once: Absolute Write, QueryTracker, Publishers Marketplace, the agent's website and Casey's website.)

hop on over for a wealth of info about Jennifer and other fabulous agents who rep YA!

i'm sorry for the short blogs the last couple of days.
pssst. it's because i'm writing! yay. :)

i'll have a longer post soon. in the meantime:

1. i was once a subway sandwich artist.
2. i was a half-time dancer in high school.
3. i can write in cursive with my freakishly long toes.
4. i can spin 3 hula hoops at once for four minutes straight.

which one is the lie?


McD said...

I am guessing #4. You are too short for 3 hula hoops!

Angie said...

I'm guessing number 4 too. this sounds like a fun little test. Might steal it sometime. :)

Casey McCormick said...

Thanks so much for this, Erin. I'm glad Lit Rambles helped you in your agent search. Too bad I didn't have Jenn up there at the time!

I'm going to guess #3, but VERY cool if it's true. : )

erinjade said...

my pleasure, Casey. huge fan of your site. :)

oh, and ding!ding!ding! #4 is the lie. i can barely hula ONE hoop, let alone 3. haha.