Tuesday, September 27, 2011


a friend of mine here in Arizona - a fellow transplant from the land of 4 seasons - posted something on facebook today that made me absolutely sick to my stomach... something about wanting to take a hay ride and drink a hot cider.

yes. yes yes yes yes yes! this is exactly what i want too.
apples and orange leaves and hay and cooler weather and all things AUTUMN.

any mention of those things this time of year opens up a gaping hole of longing inside me - a feeling that literally makes me sick... homesick.

View from the back of my parents' house this time of year.

i try to find a reason to be in the midwest every year during the fall, but this year, i'm going to miss the entire season sweating it out here in Arizona.

i love the desert, i do. and i cackle with evil glee every winter as i sit around a camp fire in the middle of January enjoying a pleasantly cool breeze and clear skies. i can't remember the last time i owned a winter coat or scraped ice off my windshield. if i want snow, i'll just drive 2 hours up to the mountains and set my snowboard down on it for a day, then come back home and trade my snow pants for shorts.
that's the trade-off, and it always seems worth it in the winter.

but two months out of the year - September and October - i forget all about that winter-weather blessing and focus on what i'm missing. Autumn.

so if anyone knows of a place that's warm in the winter, with plenty of sunshine year-round, preferably within reach of both mountains and ocean, AND has a nice colorful autumn, please let me know. i might have to go live there.


Linda said...

I know what you mean. I live in northern AZ now so it's not as bad, but I lived in the Phoenix area for 10 years and it was killer. I'm originally from Ohio and there are so many things I miss, like the Apple Butter Festival I used to go to and going to the orchard and drinking fresh apple cider. And the colors of the leaves changing. And call me crazy, but I absolutely love the cold and snow :P

erinjade said...

OMG, Handsome is from Ohio, and he speaks fondly of the Apple Butter Festival. i have vowed to go someday. it's exactly the sort of thing i am missing.
however, i do NOT love the cold and snow. you ARE crazy! ;) j/k.