Monday, September 5, 2011

bunches of books

i am just back from a quick trip to Portland and staring down a very busy week ahead, so i thought i ought to squeeze in a blog post, but i'm just. so. tired.

so we're going to do this the lazy way - with pictures!

these are all from the trip, but in keeping with our writing/reading/book-loving theme here, every shot i'm sharing has a book in it. so this totally counts as a blog post, okay? okay.

surrounded by miles of books:

inside the rare book room:

our hotel had a library overlooking the lobby:

and every book in the library was signed by the author, including this one:

may all your own travels include a few books as well...


Linda said...

I'm so jealous of you right now! Awesome pics :)

Nomes said...

yes this post is very cool <3

Amber Cuadra said...

I absolutely love this. Powell's is my favorite place in Portland, and I'm sooo lucky to live like fifteen minutes away from it. And I love seeing other people enjoying it as well because I know how awesome it is and I want everyone to be able to go! YAY FOR BOOKS!