Monday, February 7, 2011

words and pictures

question: words, pictures or both?
yes, i'm talking about books. no, i'm not talking about children's picture books.

i recently had the great pleasure of participating in The Ladies Comics Project (link! click it!) - part of the weekly column, "She Has No Head!" - on the CBR (Comic Book Resources) website.

this is phase two of a successful experiment by writer and columnist Kelly Thompson, in which she brings together women from all walks of life and connects them with comics or graphic novels. phase two, which i was lucky enough to be a part of, focuses on graphic novels. Kelly has the women each choose a different book and review it, to see how they interpret a medium that may be unfamiliar to them.

my review (from my tragically-inexperienced-with-graphic-novels perspective) is part of today's bunch in the link above.

be sure to read Kelly's summary at the end of the post, which i thought was really insightful, about how exposure to comics at a young age can help people connect with the story-telling style of graphic novels.
i for one, did not fall in love with the medium, and i think it may be for the reason Kelly said - i was never really exposed to it.
i will probably read more graphic novels in the future, to see if they grow on me.

so? words, pictures or both?

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McD said...

For me, one or the other. Doing both distracts me, and even did when I was young and a huge comic book fan.