Saturday, February 26, 2011

celebrating our independents

the sign is up. it's all official and stuff:

wait, what?? i don't blog for a week and a half, and when i come back, i'm STILL talking about Borders?
well, no, not exactly. i'm actually making up for my "woe-is-Borders" post with a "but, YAHOO! look who's THRIVING!" post.

i pitched this story about independent Phoenix bookstore, Changing Hands, and i think our reporter, Tyler, did a nice job with it.

a couple of weeks ago, i pulled a book off a shelf at Changing Hands and realized it was a signed copy. looking around the YA section a little more, i saw many signed copies, tucked away like secrets to be discovered by lucky readers.

just today, i found a book i've been looking for forever at CH. (i am allergic to ordering things online.) this book is sold out everywhere, but because CH is an independent that both sells AND BUYS books, there was a copy on the shelf marked "used." so i got a perfect-condition hardcover for half price!

these are both things i could never find at my Borders, and they were both worth the 40-minute trip to CH.

so, instead of lamenting the loss of Borders, today i am celebrating the success of independents and counting my blessings that i live in a city that has several. :D


Elissa J. Hoole said...

I don't even have a Borders in my town, but I made a trip this week with the kids to drop a bunch of cash at the local indie shop because we love them so! :)

erinjade said...

Elissa, that's awesome! i would love to see more independents filling some of the vacated borders spaces.