Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer blues

and bonus! a few more "best lines" from the book i read on 4th of july by the pool. those lines in a moment, but first:

is it just me, or is the blogosphere slowing down for summer? a handful of blogs i follow are on hiatus for various reasons - summer events like vacations or internships - summer family time, etc..
it also sounds like quite a few people are taking a break from writing right now.
finally, with agents and editors taking their own vacations or preparing for summer conferences, it seems news about deals and signings is a little slow too.

it's giving me the blues, because i felt like i had a lot of momentum going this winter, and now that my own path to publishing has slowed down, i don't even have as many other folks to live through vicariously. le sigh.
looking forward to fall when things get hopping again!

NOW... about those best lines.
last weekend, i read Rebecca Stead's award-winning "When You Reach Me."
i was half done with the book before i thought to start earmarking pages for quotes. it just reads so fast and smooth you almost don't notice the amazing one-liners, because you feel like you're living the book instead of reading it. (or maybe that's just fan-girl me)

so much of this book is about discovery as you go, so there are many many great lines i can't quote here, because they would give away something in the story. however, these two are spoiler-free and just as lovely:

"It soaked into me like water into sand, fast and heavy-making."

"Sometimes I wanted to squeeze Colin's cheeks until his teeth fell out."

love love love those lines.


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

Oh - I love those two lines. I think I'll have to read this book for sure!

Anonymous said...

I agree, brilliant lines!

Caitlin said...

I love those books where you read them and think, "I've gotta remember that line!!". Consider this on my to-read list :)

E.J. Wesley said...

Totally agree with you regarding the slowing of things, Erin. I did my own traveling, etc. in June, so I didn't notice then. However, I've been around (see - actually writing and blogging) in July, and have noticed many of the folks I follow haven't been posting much. Even my local writing group has taken a hit in the momentum department.

Personally, I tend to be more creative when the weather cools, so maybe there are more people like me than I thought!

Angie said...

Oooo love those lines. Sounds like a book I need to read.