Thursday, July 29, 2010

link love

i thought about posting another video blog, but i chickened out - again - so instead, i'm sharing some of my favorite things around the web this week.

before you click this first link, i have to warn you, it is overflowing with spoilers from "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," so don't click it if you don't want to be spoiled. you've been warned.

i've mentioned before that i'm not a book reviewer. reviews are being done well elsewhere in the blogosphere. plus - most of the time when i have a lot to say about a book it's because i did NOT like it. and writing negative things about other authors in a public space like a blog makes me feel icky.
that said, i will confess to totally agreeing with a review by someone else (especially since it is about the one book i have already admitted on this blog that i didn't love).

i'm sure most of you are already following the rejectionist, but if not, then at least follow this link through le R's blog to read the great review. and by great, i mean well written - not a glowing review. not in the least bit. in fact, the review is titled:

"The Girl With the Lots of Creepy Disturbing Torture that Pissed Me Off."


i also recommend you enter this "Totally Epic Summer Contest," hosted by writers Roni Griffin and Julie Cross. and here's why:

you know how i like to brag about my awesome beta and aren't-i-lucky-you-can't-have-her-she's-mine-all-mine!!!!! well, she can be yours too... for 5 pages. then you have to give her back.

my beta, Gem, will be interviewed next week on Roni's blog, and if you follow the hosts of the contest, you will win a chance to have your query or first 5 pages critiqued by Gem or by Meredith Barnes. (if you are not already salivating, then you must not know that Gem is rocking an internship at Fine Print Lit and that Meredith is an assistant to the one and only Janet Reid!)
((and if you are still not salivating, because you don't know this FP Lit or Janet of which i speak, well then... i can't help you. but i can suggest you get over to Absolute Write immediately and start doing research on all the fabulous people and places of publishing.))

finally, this has been out on the web for awhile, but i only recently discovered it. if you don't cringe at the f-word, this should make you laugh out loud.
seriously... if you click no other link in this post, click this one. i almost peed myself laughing.


Gem said...

Thanks for the shout out - I will of course be back after the 5 pages!! You'll have to share me for a week tops :)

And I'm just the pre-show of this contest. It gets epicer than me (but I am pretty epic as I make up words), with critique giveaways from Suzie, Hannah, and editor Brendan.

Love the other links. I never had a slinky, which used to make me sad, but no longer!

erinjade said...

i'm thinking of entering the contest so i can win a 5-page critique of my WIP without waiting until fall to send it to you. hahahaha!
just kidding... maybe. ;)

Tahereh said...

hehehe great lineup! looove LE R! :D

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for linking to our contest! :)