Tuesday, December 13, 2011

copy edits, a lesson in humility

every author fantasizes about some moment along the path to publishing. maybe you daydream about a 6-figure deal or a starred review or a cover that makes people swoon.

me? i used to dream about the day my copy edits would arrive. the manuscript would have a big STET stamped right on the front with a note from the copy editor saying it was the cleanest ms she'd ever read.

haha. haaaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
joke's on me.
there is a reason we have copy editors, folks.

i think i can still hold my head up high and say i have pretty darn good grammar, but it's certainly not perfect. and no matter how many times you read your story - no matter how many other people read it - there are errors that slip by.

i am halfway through my copy edits, and so far, my character has:
- demanded to speak to the manger at a restaurant.. (and mary and joseph too!)
- eaten two entire deserts.. (can i get some chocolate sauce on that cactus?)
- let out a peel of laughter and peaked over something.

the good news is, my copy editor is almost as fond of em-dashes as i am and even more fond of commas. it's been educational and humbling to read through her marks. and above all, it makes me so grateful for absolutely everyone who has a hand in making BUTTER the best book it can be.

it really does take a village.


E.J. Wesley said...

Ugh, I really hate the peal/peel peaked/peeked type of words. They trip me up every single time. Take heart, I think it's virtually impossible to be spotless in 40-70 K manuscript. Just too much for one person to catch everything. As you said, it does take a village.

Other EJ

Cassie Mae said...

Awesome! I believe my characters peak too. And congrats on everything, this is so super exciting. Eep!!!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Love this! I'm a grammar fan and found the whole experience very interesting and strangely satisfying. It's is GOOD to have so many experts polishing our work?

Shari Arnold said...

One of my characters stepped over the face instead of fence. And I just can't stop tracking eye movements! Yay copy editors!!

erinjade said...

thank you Cassie!

Caroline, yes, we are so fortunate to have so many eyes on our manuscripts.

LOL Shari! stepping over the face is a pretty good one. :D

Gemma Cooper said...

LOL!! I love reading this because I'm also kicking myself as well for missing these.

Were you planning a nativity story for Christmas - Mary and Joseph treking across the desert, with oranges in their stockings!

Nomes said...

oh, these are funny. they would be so hard to pick up too ~ as your eyes read what makes sense, not what it sees (well, mine do that :))

getting so excited for your book :)

Ciara said...

The first round of edits I ever received sent me to the fetal position. I think you need a tough skin. :) I'm a new follower.

Margo Kelly said...

Truth! :)

I'm a new follower from the DejaVu Blogfest. Nice to meet you!

erinjade said...

LOL Gem! but no kicking ourselves. they were sooo easy to miss - even after they were marked in red! - hard to pick up, like Naomi said.

Welcome Ciara and Margo! Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)