Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strange Things! At Stoplights!

blogger continues to act up, but at least i can post!

so, i haven't done a "Strange Things at Stoplights" in forever, but oh boy, do i have one for you today. this should actually be titled "Adorable" things at stoplights, but it's also strange indeed.

from the intersection near our house:

and a close up for better viewing:

a one-bedroom home, perfect for the single bird! just enough room for a nest, which can double as your bed, bath and dining room! lovely yellow walls, though the electricity goes in and out a bit. but you can't beat the rent - it's free! first come, first serve.

...and you thought your apartment was small!


Erin Langr said...

fyi - blogger is not taking comments from its own customers! }:/

but you can still post comments under names or anonymous or just about anything else, it seems. just not as a "blogger." bah! sorry for the inconvience.


Erin Lange said...

however, as you can see above - you can't go back and edit or delete the comment... even if you misspell your own name. LOL.

Elsie Chapman said...

That's really amazing! I hope your city lets it be for as long as the bird needs a home :) One of our big box bookstores has an "a" in their name, and some birds have made a nest in it, too. Every time we go the kids look for it...and I dread the day it's gone.

erinjade said...

Yes because then you worry it's homeless. Hopefully our bird will stay for a bit.

Heather Anastasiu said...

Aww, I love random things like this that make you stop and smile :)

Heather Anastasiu said...

Oh and also, Blogger was doing the same thing to me tonight, not letting me comment on people's blogs, but then I used Firefox instead of IE as my browser and now I can finally comment!

Erin Jade said...

oh! so it's an explorer thing. thanks for the info, Heather. i hope they fix it soon, so i don't have to use firefox or another browser. bah!