Friday, March 18, 2011

words and pictures... but mostly pictures

oh hello again!

i am officially back in the blogosphere, but i'm still on island time and exhausted, so allow me to entertain you with pictures instead of words today:

warning sign? what warning sign? by the way, this rectangle on a stick is totally blocking my view of the ocean.

so wierd how there's no one else on any of these beaches. it's almost like a tsunami came through here today or something.

seriously, what warning signs? i have no idea what you're talking about.

who can be bothered by signs when there's a view like this?

besides, this guy doesn't seem scared, and he's a local!

hmmm. now this sign's a little hard to miss.

and, uh... who really needs a warning when this is coming at you?

still, i'm contemplating whether or not to get in.
(just kidding! are you crazy?)

i'll just stick to this scenery, thanks. ;)


Kelly said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures. I love the seal pic!
I would have sent for my things and not come back home.

erinjade said...

ha! the thought crossed my mind. ;)

Kelly said...

I keep popping back in to this post to see the picture of that seal. Makes me smile :)

erinjade said...

he looks like he's smiling too, don't you think? :D