Sunday, January 23, 2011

the Lemi Shine solution

i am trying to build a website.
it is not going well.

after a marathon evening (6 hours!) of sitting in front of the computer trying to download programs and decipher code and interpret techno-talk, i threw up my hands and said something to the effect of: "i'm a writer, not a f*@$!^% website designer!"
then i had a charming little temper tantrum that involved ripping papers to tiny shreds and moving all of my newly downloaded files to a folder i titled: "Stuff I HATE!!"
this behavior may or may not have been fueled by half a bottle of red wine.

on this very same night, i discovered a solution to another problem that's been eating up my time.

for the past year, i've been noticing a slight film left behind on my dishes after they come out of the washer. recently, this problem became so bad, i had to throw out utensils and cooking equipment that had become permanently coated in a white chalky film.

handsome and i tried everything from different dishwasher rinses to scrubbing the dishes with rough sponges AFTER they'd already been washed. we turned to the internet for advice several times and finally found a suggestion to buy a product called Lemi Shine.

try to imagine this bottle with a cape and super hero music

a single load later... TA DA! - sparkling dishes with not a speck of film anywhere. it turns out that chalky stuff was from our hard water. now, instead of spending a bundle for a water softener, we simply add a little Lemi Shine to every load.

i estimate this discovery is saving me an hour of effort every week. that's more than two whole days every year. and for just a few bucks a bottle, i say it's a bargain. i'm such a fan, i'm considering Lemi Shine product placement in my next book.

it got me thinking about how valuable our time is and how much of it gets unnecessarily wasted.
so i made a decision to find an easier route to website creation.

24 hours after my temper tantrum, i remain stressed, but much less so, because i enlisted the help of a website developer to do my heavy-lifting. this is going to cost money (though not nearly what other people pay, because i'm hiring a friend and doing a simple site), and i believe it will be money well spent.

it's not exactly the "Lemi Shine" solution, but it's going to give me a lot more time to do what really matters - write!


Literaticat said...

And this is why I hired a cleaning woman, and somebody to rake leaves/mow lawns/shovel snow, etc. Really, the amount of time and anguish I save, and the amount of work I'm able to get done because of it, is well worth the cost.


erinjade said...

i am on the verge of hiring someone to clean my house too! good for the economy AND my sanity. :p

Caroline Tung Richmond said...

Haha, I feel your pain concerning websites! I know next to nothing about web design so I'm fumbling my way through the process.

Have you tried to make a website? I discovered it a few months ago and I love it! VERY easy to use and the end result looks professional. (I used it for my own website: Although I'm thinking about revamping it to a new version: Best of all, its' free!

erinjade said...

thanks for the suggestion! (and love your site)
i did check out wix, but in the end i just decided to remove the stress and trust in a friend and pro. i can literally feel the weight lifted off my shoulders. now if only i were using all that new free time to write! :p

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Agreed. I let someone else do the work for me. It was well worth it!

erinjade said...

two Carolines in these comments! and that's my editor's name too! :)

Dustin Bryson said...

Thank you for promoting Lemi Shine. We would love to have it in a book!

Dustin Bryson, CMO
Envirocon Technologies INC