Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what a difference a year makes

i declare this holiday blogging break officially over!

we're running up on the new year here in just a few days, and it got me thinking about just how much has changed in the last 12 months.

it's hard to believe at this time last year, i'd never queried an agent or sent a manuscript to a beta reader.
it's hard to believe i was a blog lurker and a die-hard twitter hold out instead of a blogger and tweeter.
it's hard to believe Butter was still unfinished, and Billy D was barely a twinkle of an idea.

i never would have guessed that by now i'd have an agent, a publisher, a new manuscript and best of all - friends online i can truly confide in.

we always say publishing is slow, but maybe it only looks that way from the front end. i think sometimes when you look back, it's easier to see how things move pretty damn fast, actually.

i'm glad i started seriously down the path to publishing this year, but i'm mostly glad i took the plunge and joined the online writing community. from blogs to tweets, public forums to private emails, i've had a blast making friends and following other writers. you are all made of awesome.

here's to another fun year in the blogosphere.

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Susanne Winnacker said...

2010 was a great year for you! Let's hope 2011 will be even better! :D