Thursday, November 11, 2010

now playing in an imagination near you

someone asked me recently how i would cast my novel. it's a fun game writers like to play when they dream of their books becoming movies... and i suck at it.
i guess i like to think of my characters as totally new, so i can't imagine them looking like anyone else. (i promise this isn't ego talking. i have a hard time picturing actors playing the characters in everyone else's books too!)

but in the interest of NaNo procrastination, i decided to kill some time on the internet, looking up hip young films to see if i could imagine any of the people as characters in BUTTER.
and i found some! they are perfect! score me a movie deal, because i am ready to start filming!

this is Butter:

this is Anna:

and this is Trent, Parker and company:

hmmm. i like this so much, i'm wondering how my editor will feel about me rewriting the whole book to make them all penguins...
okay then, i guess if i ever score a film rights sale, i'll just leave it up to the casting directors. ;)


Nomes said...

this is brilliant!

go Butter!

i love the guy already :)


Fickle Cattle said...

I would totally buy an all penguin book. :-)

Bee said...

Oh, haha! You got me here. Lol.

Karla Calalang said...

Nice! That would be totally awesome if you could write a penguin book though! hehehe