Wednesday, October 27, 2010


...word count wednesday!

i'm going to do a little feature every wednesday during november for everyone participating in NaNoWriMo. if you're still deciding whether to do NaNo, please see the post i did here for encouragement. (link! click it!)

on wednesdays, i'll post my running word count and invite you to share yours. (don't worry. if last year is any indication, my WC is bound to be embarrassingly abysmal. we'll lament our failures together. or celebrate your success or whatever.)

so right now, our word counts are a big collective ZERO. but that doesn't mean you can't be gearing up. folks all over the world are getting a head start on NaNo by writing outlines, making notes on characters, stockpiling M&Ms and stretching out their typing fingers.

personally, i am cheating a little bit. i am going to use my 50,000 words of NaNo to finish BILLY D. this is a project already started and fully outlined, but about 50K words from completion, so it works out. (i promise not to count a single word written before November 1st in my NaNo tally.)

my prep also involves finishing up any books i'm currently reading, because i know i will not have time to read... clearing my calendar of November commitments, particularly on weekends when i do the most writing... and researching local write-ins.

so i want to know - how are you prepping for November? do you know what you're writing yet, or are you a pantser to the core who's just going to wing it?


Simon C. Larter said...

Well, since I'm essentially starting my current WIP all over again with a new outline, I should hit the 10k mark fast, then completely die. But hey, if I even get 35k out of November, I'll count it a success. Even if I'm cheating a bit too. :)

Good luck, good lady!

Nomes said...

I'm doing nano too - going to whip up a premise over the weekend.

actually, I'm a little scared...

erinjade said...

Yay, Simon and Naomi! stop by on wednesdays and share your word counts. :)

and Naomi, don't be scared. be stressed, for sure, because that's sort of unavoidable during NaNo, but the whole point of the "win" is that you're accomplishing something for YOURSELF.
so even if you don't "win" - in many ways, you probably WILL win.. no matter what.

geez, NaNo should pay me for advertising or something. :p