Saturday, September 4, 2010

best lines and blog contests

i was starting to worry i'd never do a "best lines" post again!

i read two books recently, one YA sci-fi and one YA contemp, both of which left me with no memorable lines.

i am still on my spoiler-free kick about Mockingjay, and my favorite lines are spoilers, so sorry i can't offer my picks from MJ.

but YAY! the book i am halfway through now is so loaded with one-line zingers that i already have more than enough to share.
these are my faves - so far - from L.K. Madigan's "Flash Burnout":
  • "Fine. And hey, Garrett? Could you make sure to keep crushing my spirit under your boots of indifference?"
  • My monkey mind flings a piece-of-shit joke at me, and I catch it gratefully.
  • But I can't wait to get there and feel her up, I mean ask about her weekend.
  • I watch him for a minute, and sure enough, his glance flicks over to Cappie with the regularity of a lighthouse beacon.

actually some of the real laugh-out-loud moments in this book aren't one-liners at all. they're setups and punch lines, which is a clever format for the humor in this book, since the MC wants to be a stand up comedian.

if you've ever considered a career in publishing but don't know how to get a foot in the door, or if you've ever just wondered what really goes on at a literary agency, TUNE IN NEXT MONDAY! we're going to pull back the curtain and take a peek at the literary wizards who take your book from query to sold!
i'll have a Q&A with a fantabulous intern extraordinaire who spent the summer working with two highly coveted agencies.
PLUS - my first ever BLOG CONTEST! with a prize that could be invaluable to any writer in search of representation!

see you monday.


Angie said...

Love those lines! Sounds like your contest is going to be awesome. I'll check back next week.

Nomes said...

Oooh - how cool are those lines! this book sounds unreal - i'm adding it to my list for sure. i love book with comedic set-ups and one liners (like my new fave Beatle Meets Destiny, all off-beat and funny funny funny)