Sunday, June 20, 2010

the storyteller

i was terrified of a creature called Gollum long before i'd ever seen the cover of a book called Lord of the Rings.

this is because i learned the stories of hobbits and elves and wizards and rings while walking through the woods as a little girl with a born storyteller.

i remember a band of characters called the "I Don't Care Bears" as vividly as i remember any cartoon i watched as a kid.

this is because that same storyteller encouraged me to create my own worlds in addition to the ones fed to me on TV.

to this day, i tend not to read books by King or Koontz, because i prefer to hear the tales recounted by the storyteller.

the best i can offer in return is to let the storyteller be my always-first beta reader. thankfully, he likes my stories too.

thank you, Dad, for 31 years of stories.
Happy Father's Day


Nomes said...

your dad sounds awesome.

my dad read me the lord of the rings when I was 12. A huge book to read out-loud! I was so freaked about the ring-wraiths, but I didn't want to say b/c I loved him reading in my bed with me too much :)

erinjade said...

aw! nice to see i'm not the only one with an awesome pop!